Adding Books

Clicking the add button lets you add a text file or exported book to your library. When adding a text file, you can set these options:

Which language the file is in. (It’s used when deciding where to put page breaks.)
The character encoding of the file. If this setting is wrong, some of the characters in your book may become garbled. If you’re not sure, try the default, or UTF-8.
Split by
Lines that start with this phrase will be treated as the start of a new chapter. (Lines matching the second box will cause a page break, but won’t appear in the chapter list.)
Word wrap
WordPod normally strips line breaks from a file, to make it wrap to the iPod’s screen. Sometimes, this turns a book into one very long paragraph; if the line breaks in your book have gone missing, try turning it off.
Split using regex
When this is turned on, the split by strings will be treated as (POSIX extended) regular expressions, which can describe more complicated patterns. For example, if the chapters in your book don’t all start the same way, you could split them with a regex like this: Prologue|Act I|Act II|Act III|Epilogue